Executive Apartment

Services Price incl. VAT / Month
rent from: 793 € / Apartment
Security deposit from: 793 €

Room details

luxury Executive apartment for 1–2 persons offers comfort and convenience at a great price.

The room measuring 33–47 m2 features a kitchenette, and a wardrobe and a safe in the entrance hall.

The modern kitchen unit contains a worktop, built-in microwave, electric kettle, and dinnerware.

Also provided are a dining table with two chairs, and an office desk and chair.

Each room of this type features a luxury King Koil bed that can be arranged as a double bed or two separate beds.

The bathroom includes a sink, toilet, heated tower rail, and shower or bathtub. A hairdryer and hotel toiletries are also provided.

The room has a balcony facing the courtyard

Each room has a Smart TV and free WiFi connection.

Room facilities

Balcony Balcony set (seating) Air conditioning Refrigerator Double bed Microwave Office desk Electric kettle Smart TV Shower Telephone Toilet Safe Bathtub Wifi Dining table Facing courtyard

list of apartments for Executive Apartment

Apartment Layout Area Available Monthly rent without VAT Monthly rent with VAT
2161+kk36 m2Free708 €793 €detail
2171+kk35 m2Free708 €793 €detail
2211+kk36 m2Free708 €793 €detail
2221+kk35 m2Free708 €793 €detail
2231+kk35 m2Free708 €793 €detail
2241+kk46 m2Free708 €793 €detail
3161+kk36 m212.6.2024708 €793 €detail
3171+kk35 m2Free708 €793 €detail
3181+kk35 m25.6.2024708 €793 €detail
3191+kk48 m2Free708 €793 €detail
3221+kk36 m2Free708 €793 €detail
3231+kk35 m2Free708 €793 €detail
3241+kk35 m2Free708 €793 €detail
3251+kk46 m2Free708 €793 €detail
4161+kk36 m217.6.2024708 €793 €detail
4171+kk35 m21.7.2024708 €793 €detail
4181+kk35 m2Free708 €793 €detail
4191+kk48 m2Free708 €793 €detail
4221+kk36 m2Free708 €793 €detail
4231+kk35 m2Free708 €793 €detail
4241+kk35 m2Free708 €793 €detail
4251+kk46 m2Free708 €793 €detail

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